End of Summer Show

One of the ways that our kids demonstrate their growth is our annual end of the summer show.  We use the show to get the kids to work towards both personal and common goals.  The added benefit is that by overcoming personal obstacles and performing in front of their parents, they gain trust in themselves, experience accomplishment, and build confidence. 

Through practicing for the show and performing at the show they learn:

  • Vocabulary and General Knowledge
  • Listening Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Collaboration and Cooperation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Persistence
  • Confidence and Self Reliance
  • A Sense of Accomplishment and Pride
  • Learning Strategies
  • and much more. 

This method of learning is so much fun that we have had a number of former students come back and volunteer to teach song and dance numbers as Jr. teachers.  We have even had older siblings and guest students contribute to the choreography and get in on the act! 

The content and caliber of the show depends completely on the capabilities of the kids in the show.  

Our shows are followed by a “promotion ceremony” and celebration where every child is made to feel special in front of their families.  And then, the following week, we conduct “wacky days” where the kids get to do every song any way they want with no set choreography or limits on how many can perform each role or position.  The idea is to let go on how things “should” be done, inspire creativity, fulfill their heart’s desires, and maximize the fun!