Research Based Methodology

We employ research-proven methods to optimize our program.  Among these are:

  • Low student to teacher ratio (typically 4 to 1)
  • Multi-modal instruction,
  • Positive reinforcement,
  • Use of Zone of Proximal Development
  • Themed learning,
  • Multi-sensory learning activities,
  • Integration and linking,
  • Modeling and repetition,
  • Memory strategies,
  • Environmental and incidental learning,
  • Individualized age/skill-level appropriate worksheets,
  • Goal setting and completion

Multi-modal Instruction:

Young children learn best through a variety of activities that capitalize on their individual strengths and learning styles. Methods and activities we employ include:
Circle Time, singing, dancing, performance, reenactments, celebrations, small group instruction, arts and crafts, age appropriate worksheets, table work, walking field trips, science experiments, story time, free play (indoor and outdoor), imaginative play, water play (summers), repetition games, puzzle completion, educational computer games, and more.